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What is the over counter equivalent to phentermine that meets the same criteria. Can you say Phentermine without using the adjective? I believe that's what the over counter alternatives are, as well. Is the only difference between a prescription and over the counter use of phentermine by the body's own enzymes, which are then further broken down by the liver? No, that was a little confusing. Your question was about over-the-counter phentermine. There are also prescription formulations of phentermine that also contain other compounds modify the metabolism of drug to provide extended and potentially better action. There are two types of prescription phentermine that are available, Ziconotide ER (diet) and Ritalin (at a higher dosage) and one that (like all prescription phentermine forms) can be converted from a duloxetine version of the medication. (I don't see this being a lot of help to someone in a clinical situation, since once that duloxetine is converted they can no longer safely take any of the supplemental versions as well.) There is an over-the-counter version of Phentermine used for a variety of things by both adults and children that contains an unmodified form of the phentermine known as Dexedrine. That is a completely non-drugged form of the medication with no more inefficiencies than its diet derived counterpart -- it also comes in the same form as a prescription version. This is because it does have some side effects -- it causes high blood pressure in some (especially younger) subjects -- that are of concern if is a risk an adult wishes to take. Have you had recent experience with Dexedrine, in particular, for people who use d